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The Watt Watchers website is currently under construction to reflect the new Watt Watchers program that will be available to schools all across the nation. Please feel free to us the website to gather information about how the program works in schools. The Watt Watchers program is no longer available to Texas schools for free. If you are interested in joining please email us at info@wattwatchers.org.

Watt Watchers of Texas is a energy conservation program for Texas schools. The program is designed for K-12 classrooms, and it is so simple! Basically, students patrol the halls of the schools reducing energy waste by turning off lights and leaving tickets for those that leave their lights on while no one is in the room. By doing this, a school could save $50 per classroom. That’s right, it costs $50 per year to light an empty classroom for two hours each school day.

Teachers, just place the Watt Watchers materials in a bin at your front door and assign your students a time to go on patrols throughout the day and the work is done. The program can be adapted to fit your teaching needs and demands. The Watt Watchers program is designed to not interrupt daily school activities. Thousands of students across Texas are now patrolling quickly and quietly.

Call 1-888-USWATTS or go online to wattwatchers.org to enroll. Once you enroll in the program you will receive the kit, which includes all the items you will need to get the program started at your school. Not only will your school be provided with these materials, but Watt Watchers of Texas will provide support for the program and a quarterly newspaper with tips and articles about successful programs and other projects your school can do. You will also have access to all of our other programs such as Knowledge is Power Curriculum Supplement, Sleep is Good Monitor Power Management and many more.
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